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Comparative Reports

Providing comparative analysis, these reports assess a jurisdiction’s mining law framework & associated legal risk, setting set this information in a comparative context. Making use of the wealth of information MineHutte gathers as part of its standard legal risk analysis, Comparative Analysis Reports assess the legislative approach taken in respect of various critical investment considerations in a given jurisdiction and compare this against the approach taken in other nominated jurisdictions.

This allows for comparisons to be made against best practice standards, against jurisdictions which compete for investment and against jurisdictions of similar geological interest.  These reports provide useful intelligence which can be used for a number of purposes, including:

  • stakeholder engagement with governments in relation to legislative changes or supplementary agreements
  • legal risk comparisons across target jurisdictions
  • investment attractiveness assessments
  • project modelling & forecasting.


Regional Comparison

Regional comparison focusing on licensing arrangements, royalty & tax rates, development considerations, right to mine & transfer rights, to assess investment attractiveness.

Mineral Comparison

Comparison with major mineral producers on selected factors to determine exploration attractiveness, operational attractiveness & transfer options.

ESG Comparison

Comparison of ESG metrics addressed under legislation, with additional analysis provided by level of implementation & impact of said regulations.