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At MineHutte we combine expertise in risk exposure frameworks, combining mining law & mining policy to provide review, analysis & recommendations to fit your specific needs. Our exposure assessments are based on a combination of legislative, regulatory, policy and international best-practice standards review, pertinent to the client. 

For Governments

– Recommendations for decreasing regulatory risk & corruption potential in mining codes

– Advise on regulatory amendments to assist with FDI attraction

– Regulatory risk assessment of draft legislation & global benchmarking

– Review and assessment of mining agreements & conventions

– Recommendations for transferring mining policy to mining legislation

For Legal Practitioners

– Instant regulatory analysis & jurisdictional briefings

– Regulatory risk analysis by stage of mining cycle

– Briefing reports to accompany mining agreements & conventions

– Assistance for inclusion of ‘soft issues’ in mining agreements & conventions

For Exploration & Mining Companies

– Regulatory risk analysis & comparative reviews, broken down by stages of mining cycle

– Identification of regulatory risk in key areas (transfer of titles & security of tenure etc)

– Advise on socio-economic commitments in mining agreements

– Implications of mining law amendments on investment risk & project specific risk

– Technical report input for environmental requirements & development considerations

For Civil Society

– Fiscal regime profiles

– Mineral licensing structures & authorities

– Mineral regulatory regime outlines & briefings

– Community engagement requirements under regulations

– Review of best practice & comparative regulatory guidance

For Industry Stakeholders

– Consultations & briefings on draft mining codes & regulatory implications

– Engagement strategy on legal frameworks & future mining projects

– Guidance on legal frameworks for potential investors & interested parties

– Communication & engagement strategies to effect positive regulatory change

– Corruption & regulatory risk benchmarking for competitive analysis


Examples of recent work undertaken by the firm include:

Government Organisations

• European Commission – RE:SOURCING – Designing & Implementing Responsible Mining Practices for the EU mineral supply chain

• European Commission – Strategic Dialogue on Sustainable Raw Materials for Europe

• GIZ – CONNEX Risk Identification & Risk Management framework and guidelines

Private Companies

• (Confidential) Review of Environmental, Social & Governance Practices of a Major mining company in South America

• (Confidential) Briefing Document & Assessment of Mining Development Agreement for a mining company in Malawi

Country Assessments

• Canada (confidential jurisdiction) – Review of mineral development agreements and changes in mining legislation

• Gabon – Comparative Assessment of Draft Mineral Code

• Greenland – Mining Regulatory Risk Assessment and Improvement

• Papua New Guinea- Impact of proposed mining law changes on investment risk

• Gabon – Comparative Regional Regulatory Review and Improvement

Research Institutions

• Mining Journal – World Risk Report, 2017-2019

• Oeko Institute (Germany) – Assisting SME compliance with the upcoming EU Conflict Mineral Regulations