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At MineHutte we combine expertise in law, policy and risk to provide analysis, intelligence and guidance to fit your specific needs. Our detailed risk assessments are based on a combination of legislative, regulatory, policy and international best-practice standards, providing focused research pertinent to the client.

We are a vital resource for mining companies, investors, lawyers, consultants and other professionals within the mining sector. We focus on providing accessible, objective and independent analysis of mining laws, policy and ESG frameworks. 

For Governments

  • Recommendations for decreasing regulatory risk & corruption potential in mining codes
  • Advise on regulatory amendments to assist with FDI attraction
  • Regulatory risk assessment of draft legislation & global benchmarking
  • Review and assessment of mining agreements & conventions
  • Recommendations for transferring mining policy to mining legislation

For Legal Practitioners

  • Instant regulatory analysis & jurisdictional briefings
  • Regulatory risk analysis by stage of mining cycle
  • Briefing reports to accompany mining agreements & conventions
  • Assistance for inclusion of ‘soft issues’ in mining agreements & conventions

For Exploration & Mining Companies

  • Regulatory risk analysis & comparative reviews, broken down by stages of mining cycle
  • Identification of regulatory risk in key areas (transfer of titles & security of tenure etc)
  • Advise on socio-economic commitments in mining agreements
  • Implications of mining law amendments on investment risk & project specific risk
  • Technical report input for environmental requirements & development considerations

For Civil Society

  • Fiscal regime profiles
  • Mineral licensing structures & authorities
  • Mineral regulatory regime outlines & briefings
  • Community engagement requirements under regulations
  • Review of best practice & comparative regulatory guidance

For Industry Stakeholders

  • Consultations & briefings on draft mining codes & regulatory implications
  • Engagement strategy on legal frameworks & future mining projects
  • Guidance on legal frameworks for potential investors & interested parties
  • Communication & engagement strategies to effect positive regulatory change
  • Corruption & regulatory risk benchmarking for competitive analysis

Examples of Our Work

Private Companies

• Review of ESG Practices of a Major Mining Company. • Briefing Document & Assessment of MDA

Country Assessments 

• Canada – Review of MDAs & Changes in Mining Legislation. • PNG - Impact of Proposed Mining Law Changes on Investment Risk. • Gabon - Comparative Regional Regulatory Review

Government Organisations

• European Commission – Implementing Responsible Mining Practices for the EU Mineral Value Chain. • GIZ – CONNEX Risk Identification & Risk Management Framework

Research Institutions 

• Mining Journal – World Risk Report. • Oeko Institute (Germany) – SME Compliance with EU Conflict Mineral Regulations