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About Us

About Us

Established in 2014, MineHutte is an independent research organisation based in London, England, with a team of international legal experts, development economists and policy experts. MineHutte has built a global resource of regulatory risk ratings and analysis for the mining sector with current coverage of over 121 jurisdictions. The firm aims to provide regulatory risk analysis for 220 jurisdictions by 2022.

MineHutte has focused on building an objective 17-factor benchmarking system to analyse regulatory risk for investors in the mining sector. The analysis focuses on mining codes and regulations, as well as environmental legislation, with the aim of providing rich, intelligent and objective information to guide investment decisions and public policy in the mining sector.

MineHutte publishes an Annual Report providing the regulatory risk rating for jurisdictions composed of the Regulatory Risk Rating, Corruption Potential Index and Corruption Risk Index. MineHutte scores are also a core component of the Mining Journal’s World Risk Report.

MineHutte began developing its consulting services in earnest in 2016 and has provided governments and stakeholders in Gabon, Greenland, Papua New Guinea and the European Commission with a review of their mineral legislation.

The firm’s principals have extensive experience in the legal review and mining policy sectors – which they combine to provide a multi-disciplinary approach for the MineHutte business.  

MineHutte Principals

Emma Beatty – Research Director & COO

Specialisation: Regulatory review and assessment, legal frameworks, international benchmarking risk and analysis and regulatory risk management.

Emma has a background in international law and is responsible for analysing and grading of global jurisdictions to provide regulatory risk ratings for investments and projects in the mining industry via the application of the MineHutte’s objective and unique risk analysis. She oversees all analysis, assessments and scores; vetting and editing of content; performing full legislative analysis of mining and environmental legislation; managing and performing consultancy work including working with stakeholders on improving mining codes; factchecking and referencing of research and legislative analysis; writing and editing of mining and environmental law overviews; producing news and analysis for internal and external publications on mining code amendments and updates; and the compilation of the annual global risk report.

Emma has previously worked with Chatham House and with Chamber and Partners. She has completed a Legal Practice Course (LPC) with commendation and has an LLM in Public International Law (Queen Mary, UK).

Dr. Masuma Farooki – Consulting Director

Specialisation: Mineral policy, fiscal and economic linkages, governance and policy cohesion assessment.

Masuma is a development economist, with over ten years of experience working on commodity related issues for developing and advanced resource-rich countries. Her current focus is on measuring the socio-economic impact of the mining sector and to develop a framework for the implementation of responsible mining practices. Her work involves analysis of global value chains, industrial, trade and mineral policies, the social licence to operate and efforts for mine rehabilitation and closure.

She has conducted research on a wide range of issues in the mineral sector, such as securing sustainable mineral supply chains for the EU; the investment impact of permit delays in the US; upgrading supplier firms in the Southern African mining sector through linkages with European SMEs; and standardising the reporting of EITI data requirements.

Masuma has a Phd in Development Policy (The Open University, UK), MPhil in Development Studies (Institute of Development Studies, Sussex) and MPhil in Economics (GCU, Pakistan). She enjoys exploring international cuisine and pretends to listen to football conversations.

Jesse Williams – Sr. Legal Analyst

Specialisation: Canadian legislation review and analysis, procurement contracts, fiscal and economic risk assessment

Jesse is a licensed lawyer in Canada, where he previously specialised in family law and civil litigation. He has appeared before judges of the Ontario Court of Justice and Ontario Superior Court of Justice. He has also worked as a Director of New Business Development for a Tier 1 automotive supplier. He is responsible for MineHutte’s research and analysis of global mining and environmental legislation. He also writes commentaries for MineHutte’s jurisdictional reports.

Jesse is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. He holds a JD (Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada) and an MA in Economics (York University, Canada). He enjoys football, baseball and science fiction films.