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Consultancy Services

MineHutte offers in-depth legal & governance risk analysis within the wider mining context, providing succinct research & insight into the regulatory & policy foundations which govern exploration, development & mining investments. From risk identification, to shifting governance structures & alternative regulatory scenario building, MineHutte provides input for governments, companies & investors – helping to establish a lower risk operating strategy & investment environment.


MineHutte’s international regulatory risk ratings and the underlying analysis are used to support due diligence and effective risk management and mitigation strategies for mineral projects.

The firm has strong proficiency in the socio-economic impacts of mining activity, both at the local and national level. With key skills in mapping value chains and linkages, local procurement policies, international investment promotion, fiscal returns, voluntary codes and international best practice standards that address the impact wider socio-economic variables from mining activity, MineHutte services address all stages of the mining value chain.

The MineHutte team are experienced in mining regulations, mineral policy and economics. By combining our expertise in mining law and mining policy, we provide focused analysis and recommendations to fit your specific needs.

Our aim is to become a leading resource for lawyers, geologists, investors, consultants and other professionals within the mining sector. We focus on providing accessible, objective and independent analysis of current mining legislation, policy and ESG frameworks. 

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