At MineHutte, we combine expertise in mining law and mining policy – providing review, analysis and recommendations to fit your specific needs.

  • Recommendations for decreasing regulatory risk and corruption potential in mining codes
  • Advise on regulatory amendments to assist with FDI attraction
  • Regulatory risk assessment of draft legislation, comparative reviews and global benchmarking
  • Review and assessment of mining agreements and conventions
  • Recommendations for transferring mining policy to mining legislation

  • Instant regulatory analysis and jurisdictional briefings
  • Regulatory risk analysis by stage of mining cycle
  • Library of laws and regulations
  • Briefing reports with comparative analysis to accompany mining agreements and conventions
  • Assistance for inclusion of ‘soft issues’ in mining agreements and conventions

  • Regulatory risk analysis and comparative reviews – broken down by stages of mining cycle
  • Identification of regulatory risk in key areas including transfer of titles & security of tenure
  • Advise on socio-economic commitments in mining agreements: from CSR to regulation
  • Implications of mining law amendments on investment risk and project specific risk
  • Technical report input for environmental requirements and development considerations

  • Fiscal regime profiles
  • Mineral licensing structures & authorities
  • Mineral regulatory regime outlines and briefings
  • Community engagement requirements under regulations
  • Review of best practice and comparative regulatory guidance

  • Consultations and briefings on draft mining codes and regulatory implications
  • Engagement strategy on legal frameworks and future mining projects
  • Guidance on legal frameworks for potential investors and interested parties
  • Communication & engagement strategies to effect positive regulatory change
  • Corruption and regulatory risk benchmarking for competitive analysis


Our Work

Project Description
Towards New Paths of Raw Material Co-operation – Renewing EU Raw Material Partnerships Working within a research consortium, this EU Horizon 2020 funded project provided recommendations for the European Commission to address the long-term mineral supply security and sustainability for the European Union.
Assessment of areas of perceived weakness & recommendations for improvement of mining law framework

For the ministry responsible for mining of a European country, an assessment of why certain parts of the legislation pose a regulatory risk for investors. For areas seen as moderate risk, MineHutte provided recommendations for simple regulatory amendments to reduce the regulatory risk under the mining law.

Mining Development Agreement – Briefing Document

Working with a leading law firm and junior mining company in Africa, MineHutte drafted a briefing document to accompany a proposed Mining Development Agreement, to assist governments and stakeholders in understanding the commitments and implications of the Agreement for the State, the Communities & the Company, as well as provided comparative analysis with regional and global mining laws and existing investment agreements.

Draft mining code assessments

Resource-rich countries continue to revise their mining codes to be more inclusive of sustainability and social rights, whilst at the same time protecting the State and its fiscal needs. However, recent revisions to mining codes have often resulted in higher levels of regulatory risk for investors – threatening the potential for industry to thrive.
MineHutte has reviewed draft mining codes in Asian and African countries, highlighting the improvements over previous iterations, outstanding issues to be addressed in order to achieve regulatory objectives and providing competitive benchmarking analysis on a regional and global scale.


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