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At MineHutte, we have built an in-depth understanding of the global approaches to legal frameworks and policy development in the natural resources industry. Our analysis covers over 900 mining & environmental laws, regulations and policies, as well as their drafting, application and implementation. 

This allows us to offer our clients a range of associated consultancy and research services including:

  • Deep-dive risk analysis into any jurisdiction, building on the material covered in our standard legal risk report to provide insight into the application and implementation of the legal and policy frameworks and the geopolitical influences impacting risk both currently and in the future. 
  • Regional & international comparative analysis on legal risk and legal frameworks, as well as insight into alternative regulatory approaches and investor perceptions. 
  • Assessment of national mining policies, industry best practice standards & civil society due diligence guidance on responsible mining practices. 
  • Insight which combines regulatory structures and policy frameworks – addressing factors such as environmental, social & governance principles from multiple angles.

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