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International regulatory risk & analysis for the global mining industry

How do the Regulatory Risk Ratings work?
  • < 30 Critical
  • 31-44 Severe
  • 45-54 Substantial
  • 55-64 Moderate
  • 65-75 Low
  • > 75 Minimal

Scoring well on security of tenure and the right to mine, the Peruvian legislation is a leader in South America; its weaknesses revolve around surface rights (and private landowners) and its very detailed EIA procedures.

Regulatory Risk Rating: 80
Corruption Potential Index: 90
Corruption Risk Index: 88
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Regulatory Risk Rating


Measures the risk that an investor will lose the economic benefits of a mineral discovery based only on the key laws, regulations and policies in the jurisdiction – with a rating of 100 equating to zero risk.  

Corruption Potential Index


Measures a jurisdictions’ corruption potential, providing a mining specific rating based on: (1) the importance of various government decisions in the administration of mineral projects; (2) the degree of discretion associated with those decisions; (3) the number of state actors involved in decision making.

Corruption Risk Index


Measures the likelihood of government actors using discretionary powers for improper purposes, providing a mining specific corruption risk rating by mathematically screening the CPI through the lens of the Economists’ Democracy Index.


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