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International regulatory risk & analysis for the global mining industry

How do the Regulatory Risk Ratings work?
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The law is in many respects a model civil law mining code that has an approach to regulating the sector somewhat similar to Chile. The draftspersons of the legislation were sophisticated, knowledgeable resource lawyers that considered issues such as the ownership of minerals in situ and its implications, provided fiscal stability for royalties, established rules for surface rights compensation that expressly exclude reference to the mineral value underlying the surface, expressly forbade discrimination against foreigners and wrapped mineral rights within the protective embrace of...

Regulatory Risk Rating: 66
Corruption Potential Index: 25
Corruption Risk Index: 17
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Regulatory Risk Rating


Measures the risk that an investor will lose the economic benefits of a mineral discovery based only on the key laws, regulations and policies in the jurisdiction – with a rating of 100 equating to zero risk.  

Corruption Potential Index


Measures a jurisdictions’ corruption potential, providing a mining specific rating based on: (1) the importance of various government decisions in the administration of mineral projects; (2) the degree of discretion associated with those decisions; (3) the number of state actors involved in decision making.

Corruption Risk Index


Measures the likelihood of government actors using discretionary powers for improper purposes, providing a mining specific corruption risk rating by mathematically screening the CPI through the lens of the Economists’ Democracy Index.


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