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  • GDP, US$bn: 1,257.9
  • GDP per capita, US$: 53,657.3
  • Population, mn: 24.0
  • Inflation, CPI ave: 1.3
  • FX, LCY/US$: 1.3
  • Budget Balance, % of GDP: -2.0
  • Mining GVA, US$bn: 73.9
  • Mining Industry Value, US$bn: 127.7
Country: Australia
Regulatory Risk Rating
Score: 58
Moderate Risk
The Queensland mining regime is similar to the Victoria and Western Australian mining codes; it has achieved a higher ranking than either of the other codes, but could be similarly improved. Custom is necessary to overcome its elements of ministerial discretion.

Corruption Potential Index

Score: 40
Very High Corruption Potential

Corruption Risk Index

Score: 92
Very Low Corruption Risk