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  • GDP, US$bn: 46.0
  • GDP per capita, US$: 854.5
  • Population, mn: 53.5
  • Inflation, CPI ave: 5.2
  • FX, LCY/US$: 2,186.2
  • Budget Balance, % of GDP: -4.1
  • Mining GVA, US$bn: 1.9
  • Mining Industry Value, US$bn: 0.8
Regulatory Risk Rating
Score: 62
Moderate Risk
Tanzania has a modern mining code that has clearly attempted to bridge the apparent gap between government and private interests; at first blush, it appears balanced and well thought through, but a more careful and critical review of the legislation leaves an investor having to judge whether or not those areas of governmental discretion will lead to potential misuse and even encourage corruption. One can imagine a limited small changes to the code that would move its ranking nearer 75.

Corruption Potential Index

Score: 25
Very High Corruption Potential

Corruption Risk Index

Score: 52
Moderate Corruption Risk