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MineHutte Premium: Legal Risk Ratings 2022

This Premium Report provides both MineHutte’s three key legal risk ratings for each of the jurisdictions covered, and a breakdown of the Regulatory Risk Rating into 17 individually risk rated categories. The report includes MineHutte’s: 

  • Regulatory Risk Rating: which measures the risk posed to the realisation of the economic benefits of a mining project or investment based on MineHutte’s unique assessment of the key mining and environmental laws and regulations currently applicable. 
  • Regulatory Corruption Risk: which measures the extent to which the legal framework protects against corrupt practices. 
  • Corruption Exposure Risk: which measures the actual risk of corrupt practices ultimately materialising. 

The report is accompanied by a breakdown of the Regulatory Risk Rating via Excel which provides the reader with the individual risk ratings for each jurisdiction in the following assessment categories: 

  • First Come / First Serve
  • Exploration Application Criteria
  • Exploration Duration 
  • Right to Renew
  • Competing Licences
  • Mineral Coverage
  • Right to Mine
  • Criteria for Mining Rights
  • Tenure
  • Surface Rights
  • Government Take
  • Transfer Rights
  • Change of Control
  • EIA Process
  • Power to Revoke
  • Age of Legislation
  • Other Factors

The 2022 report includes coverage for 143 jurisdictions, current as of May 2022. Each jurisdiction covered includes the three legal risk ratings, an accompanying risk categorisation for the jurisdiction and the breakdown of the Regulatory Risk Rating into the 17 categories of analysis.